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Fandom Smash

A Multi Fandom Roleplay

[Fandom Smash] A Multi-Fandom Roleplay
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A Multi-Fandom Roleplay
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Welcome to Fandom Smash!

Come one, come all, to the mutli-fandom ball!

Well, it's not really a ball. It's an interactive LJ forum in which characters from all fandoms can interact. But 'ball' sounded nice and made a nice rhyme. Fandom Smash is ...well, have you ever wanted to see something like, oh, let's say ...Sam Vimes meeting up with Gene Hunt? Well here's your chance!

Fandom Smash is a pan-fandom taking place in the simply named Nexus, a spacial-temporal dimensional meeting point. Here characters can interact, live, work, go to school, as normal. Of course, there is always a threat in the distance, in this case ever looming Empire, but try to make it through your day-to-day without worrying so much.

But what's the most special thing about Fandom Smash is that, unlike other games, this one is shaped by the players. Events, mini-events, and even the world itself are all created relating to the player's decisions! Think of it like the Terraria of LJ games -- there's structure, sure, but the world relates to the players: break it, build it, shape it and smash it. Everyone does their part!

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This is a community-based, plot-based game written in prose that allows your characters to go anywhere and any time with the aid of a TARDIS provided by the White and Black Guardians.