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The New Kid

An awkward silence has set in since the TARDIS disappeared from the beach. Rose won't quite look at him - or at least, she only looks at him properly when she thinks he's not looking at her. He's sure she doesn't want him to catch the speculative glances, the almost involuntary need to look him over and decide to herself how he measures up to the man who's just left her behind yet again.

He isn't quite sure he made the right decision in allowing the Doctor to strand him and Rose here together. He understands why - their lifespans will match up, if nothing else - but he can't help but think that he's been given away as a consolation prize. It was jarring, too, to watch the Doctor fly away with his TARDIS - only to recall, as it disappeared from his life forever, that it wasn't his ship at all, just as Donna wasn't his companion. Nothing is his. Nearly a thousand years of memories sit in the back of his mind, but none of it is actually his own.

He dozes off on the zeppelin, when it finally arrives to take them to England. It's been a hard day - growing a whole body from the wrist stump of a severed hand will do that to you. Maybe when he wakes up, he'll feel more like himself and better able to deal with everything.

What he doesn't know is that while he was sleeping, he's been transported. Handy can now be found sleeping on a bench in the park. He won't be sleeping long, though; he's already shivering.

Plot Phase One: The Creatures

While everyone is distracted with the lack of electricity and the crater, the Nexus is unknowingly receiving some new visitors.

The Portal is cracking because it is being eaten by creatures which live in time irregularities. And that means, dear Nexus, that you're all suddenly in very real danger. The creatures are trickling in, gradually at first, but they soon begin to increase as the small tears in the fabric of the Portal are opened wider, and wider.

They're curious things, The Creatures, with wings like that of a bat and tails such as possums have. They're small enough to fit in the palm of a grown man's hand but don't let that deceive you. They have powerful hind legs to push themselves from the ground, and claws sharper than that if a predatory cat's. While all of that may not sound terribly fearsome, their main attack comes from a well hidden pouch on their belly which fires acidic goop. Try not to get any on you.

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Plot Phase One: The Investigation

The explosion has left rather a large creator-like dent in the open field near the homes of Arthur Dent, Excalibur and Barbara Wright, roughly 20 meters deep and another 50 meters wide. Debris and chunks of dirt are scattered all over landscape. Some of the rocks have left scratches and cracks in a few of the windows of the quiet homes. Somewhere a large iron door, torn from its hinges, has embedded itself in the earth.

Should anyone take a closer look, they will spy the door-less entrance to a tunnel in the edge of the creator. Be careful, however. We're unawares of what may or may not be down there.

Except for the heat which radiates from the tunnel, even felt from so far as the edges of the dip in the earth. Clearly, it could only get worse the deeper down one goes.

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Plot Phase One: Black Out

While everyone is quietly enjoying their evening in the Nexus, a colossal explosion shakes the very foundations of the small township.

All the lights suddenly go out, radios switch off and telecommunications devices cease to operate. All attempts, for the time being, will not breathe any life back them.

What now?

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"Of course, that's it!"

Having left the crew to get into the escape pods without him, Adric is typing quickly into the computer that's controlling the freighter on a collision course towards Earth. He's just working through the last of the logic codes, when the console explodes in a shower of sparks. A Cyberman behind him had shot it with the last of its strength, then fallen to the ground, unmoving. Adric looks up at the screen, watching the view of the Earth getting closer and closer.

"Now I'll never know if I was right..."

With nothing left to do, Adric clutches the belt he inherited after his brother's death, staring numbly at the approaching planet. There's a bright light, and Adric closes his eyes against it. When he opens them, he's not on the freighter anymore. He's in a busy street, somewhere that looks like it could probably be on Earth.

Adric's confused. Is he dead, and this is some sort of afterlife? Was he teleported down onto the planet? He looks up in the air, but it's a clear sky. Nothing falling from space.

"Excuse me, but where am I?" he asks, grabbing a random passerby.

Tea, Interrupted

[Tegan is sitting at an outdoor cafe, sipping on tea and eating a ham sandwich. She is taking a small break from her job hunt, enjoying the fine weather. A book lies open beside her plate, but she is only occasionally reading from it. She watches people walking down the street, looking for anything...unearthly. The universe, she knows, is far stranger than people realize. She doesn't find anything and discovers she enjoys just being surrounded by ordinary people.

However, the ordinary is short lived. A sudden breeze blows Tegan's book to the ground and she bends to pick it up. When she sits back up, the city is changed. She doesn't know where she is, but it definitely isn't London. The only thing remaining the same is her table and chair, sitting three or four feet from the edge of street. Tegan stands up, looking around desperately.]

Hello! What's going on? Where am I? Please, be here, Doctor!

Observatory opening party

After three months of building, the observatory is finally ready. It was quicker than Ian thought would have been possible, but a few of the people who helped had magic, which Ian was still trying to get to grips with, but it certainly sped a few things up.

It's just a small dome on a hill. Inside there's a big telescope in the centre and not much else. For now there are some tables around the edge with food and drink. There's some bunting hanging around the place to make it look more festive.

The Nexus is celebrating the opening of the observatory in its usual celebratory fashion.

Ostara Party!

[*It's the Spring Equinox, and Morgana isn't going to let the chance for a party slip by. It's not really something they celebrate in Camelot, but Germanic peoples sow their crops on Ostara so she's brought some pots, soil and seeds in case anyone wants to make themself a pot plant.
Mostly, though, it's a standard party in Morgana's usual venue, with food and dancing*]

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Foam Party!

[Who cares that it's the middle of winter?!? Clearly not Sirius Black, who has found an indoor spa that is perfect for a fantastic foam party!]

[So winter be damned, strip down to those summer bikinis or even just your underwear and get inside! There's a fully-stocked bar to keep the party going, and dance music to draw everyone in. Find yourself a dance partner and get out there in the foam!]

[Sirius is already having a good time with a pint in hand and he's down to just his grey boxer briefs that look black in the lighting.]