Mods of Fandom Smash (fandom_smashmod) wrote in fandom_smash,
Mods of Fandom Smash

Comm Discussion of Definite Importance

So the comm is still in the midst of its grinding halt, pretty much. With only 4 or 5 muns, insane amounts of tags, baggage, two comms that aren't being used all that often, we must make a decision.

Do we try and bring this ole' comm back from the brink of death for the third or fourth time?


Do we start a new comm with a similar back story and all the CR between the characters we have now carried over?

There are pros and cons to both. Feel free to discuss in the comments. ALSO, we want to know want you like/don't like about the structure of things now. So should we want to change things/make a new comm, that it's as fantastic as possible.

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