Alonso Frame (framethestars) wrote in fandom_smash,
Alonso Frame

Birthday Surprise!

[[OOC: The darkness/creature thread is still active, so we're going to play the 'Alonso managed to find himself a generator for one night' game :D]]

[With Turlough having been back for a few weeks at this point, and clearly feeling well enough to go out to a party or two and meet people again, Alonso felt it would be well-received to throw a surprise birthday party in his honor.]

[It took some work, especially since the Art Museum was built in the time Turlough was away and they were a bit reluctant to open it to a gathering of people with the night-creatures still around, but Alonso had been successful in getting both the building and a generator for the evening. So on the evening of the twelfth of September, there was a sole building other than the hospital lit up in town.]

[Alonso had sent out an open invitation, although if the Master showed up Alonso hoped that he would be on his best behavior around Turlough. Inside the main atrium food tables were set up with all kinds of dishes, some from Trion, others Sto, and more than a few from Earth that residents of the Nexus had become fond of during their time. Nearly everything one could imagine was represented upon the food tables.]

[The museum was open for anyone who wanted to explore it during the party, and it showcased a wide variety of art from the traditional to the outright odd light displays.]

[However Alonso's favorite room was all the way in the back, set inside a room that consisted of three glass walls and a glass roof. The room was filled with an abundance of light posts set in narrow rows and covering the entire floor with just enough space to walk between them if you were careful.]

[So come in, drop your gifts on the table in the atrium, grab some champagne, and celebrate!]
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