H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock (crazyfool_pilot) wrote in fandom_smash,
H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock

It's the Fourth of July!!

[Yes, it is. Shh, just come. Have some watermelon. Oh, also, keeping with the PLOT, blackout is still in effect and maybe Murdock's theory with the creatures is correct. Or they only come out at night.]

Murdock has been working mighty hard on this July 4th party. His plans got a little skewed by the blackout and strange creatures attacking. But he's not worried about those weird little fiends since he's got it in his weird little mind that they don't like fire. Thus, the tiki torches surrounding the area, half in the park, half in the street. Also for atmosphere. Two birds, one stone.

He hasn't slept much in the past few days, setting up his hand crafting decorations he's been working on since the beginning of June, setting out drinks and all the amazing, and amazingly safe, food he's been cooking up since late last night. The hospital has a generator, thank goodness.

Murdock will be grilling plenty of more food to order and letting anyone help themselves to his fine selection of themed sodas and lemonade, white (well, blue) chocolate covered strawberries and all-day lollipops. And don't get too worried if there's a gigantic flame every once and a while. That's just Murdock's special flash cooked steaks. And no, you don't smell gunpowder. Don't be silly.

There's tables set out for eating and games set up for playing, like horse shoes and a watermelon seed spitting contest. Murdock also has gotten word from Snow White that there's a new guy in town named Steve Rogers. So, just in case this Steve is who Murdock thinks he is...

But this cake is sitting on a table near Murdock and he'd watching it like a hawk. If you try to snag a piece, he will bark at you, maybe literally, "It's not your birthday, it's not your cake!"
Tags: #party, arthur dent (hitchhiker's guide), h.m. murdock (the a-team), koschei (doctor who), malkon (doctor who), ray stantz (real ghostbusters), robert kilroy (kilroy was here), snow white (once upon a time), turlough (doctor who)
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