bodacious_love (bodacious_love) wrote in fandom_smash,

Why so serious?

Aphrodite appeared in the middle of Sam's Place and watched everyone hustling around and frowning. She shook her head, smirking, then produced a huge, pink, megaphone.

"Yo, mortals! What's the prob with you guys? I mean, come on. I know it's dark and you've been attacked by acid spitting kitties. ... So, yeah, that's a bit of a bummer," she conceded, nodding slowly, then shook her head and grinned. "Still, that's no reason to be all down in the dumps and all! You guys need to kick back and have some fun and your favorite love goddess is here to help."

Dite released a huge wave of her magic and Sam's Place was immediately flooded with music and bright, colored lights. A small area was set aside for the sick, though the blankets and pillows were all white satin. Buffet tables overloaded with food and drink appeared against one wall. The food ranged from finger foods and sandwiches to an entire roasted boar. Dite looked around her, giggling.

"Party down, guys!"
Tags: #party, #plot post, #sam's place, aphrodite (xena: warrior princess), h.m. murdock (the a-team), handy (doctor who), soma cruz (castlevania)
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