spade_for_hire (spade_for_hire) wrote in fandom_smash,

Plot: The Safehouse

The arrangements had been made in advance, of course. Ostensibly, his club was closed for 'renovations', and he remarked caustically on the the high order of probability that the renovations would become real the moment something went wrong. But Sam's Club was technically open to the people investigating the strange creatures.

There was an upper level, over the bar. There were rooms, and extra cots. Blankets, canned goods, facilities - anything that would be needed by people who needed to stay out of sight. Usually the rooms were used by those a bit too drunk to be shoved out into the cold, but they would certainly suit someone's purpose.

Sam, for his part, had been tempted to offer some weapons, but he didn't know all these people, and if he passed out shotguns, he wanted to be damn sure none would get accidentally aimed in his direction. And he was also, for simple reasons of business, putting the best bottles of alcohol under lock and key.
Tags: !plot, #sam's place, arthur dent (hitchhiker's guide), barbara wright (doctor who), excalibur (camelot), h.m. murdock (the a-team), sam spade, sirius black (harry potter), snow white (once upon a time), steve rogers (captain america), the third doctor (doctor who)
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