the Master (traken_master) wrote in fandom_smash,
the Master

Nexus Academy


Headmistress: Susan Sto Helit
School Nurse: Barbara Wright
Detention: Faith Lehane

Computer technology: Ailla
English: Susan Sto Helit
Hand to Hand Combat: Abby Maitland
History: The Master
Moral Philisophy: Cho Hakkai
Music: Robert Kilroy
Potions: Chris Halliwell
Science: The Third Doctor
Craft, Design, and Technology: Barbara Wright
Mathematics: Ian Chesterton
Swimming: Syrena
Chemistry and Potions: Sirius Black


There is a mandatory uniform for class time, consisting of a white shirt and black trousers or skirt. The school tie is black with detailing of the school mascot, Godzilla.

All Nexus residents of school age or the equivalent are required to attend all classes.
Tags: #the nexus academy, excalibur (camelot), faith (btvs), mercedes jones (glee), robert kilroy (kilroy was here), shilo wallace (repo), sirius black (harry potter), syrena (pirates of the caribbean)
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