skinnyavenger (skinnyavenger) wrote in fandom_smash,

Who You Gonna Call? (OTA)

Steve helped his companion up out of the gutter with a strong grip, much stronger than what he'd had only hours before. "Sorry," he mumbled, hoping that he hadn't broken the other guy.

"We should probably keep moving," Steve murmured, keeping an eye out for any more of those weird "Find some cover or something. I'm Steve, by the way." It occurred to him that in the panic, his manners had been forgotten. Probably not a bad thing, considering the events.

In the distance, a gentle chattering could be heard, the breeze helping its travel through the night air. It didn't feel like a good kind of chatter, more the kind from somethings in the dark, or the things which hid under your bed to go bump in the night.

Steve tensed, expecting anything to happen, and moved to find cover.
Tags: !plot, #sam's place, ray stantz (real ghostbusters), sam winchester (supernatural), sirius black (harry potter), steve rogers (captain america)
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