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Comm is Closed.

It's been real fun.

Please see the OOC comm for further information.

Comm Discussion of Definite Importance

So the comm is still in the midst of its grinding halt, pretty much. With only 4 or 5 muns, insane amounts of tags, baggage, two comms that aren't being used all that often, we must make a decision.

Do we try and bring this ole' comm back from the brink of death for the third or fourth time?


Do we start a new comm with a similar back story and all the CR between the characters we have now carried over?

There are pros and cons to both. Feel free to discuss in the comments. ALSO, we want to know want you like/don't like about the structure of things now. So should we want to change things/make a new comm, that it's as fantastic as possible.


Birthday Surprise!

[[OOC: The darkness/creature thread is still active, so we're going to play the 'Alonso managed to find himself a generator for one night' game :D]]

[With Turlough having been back for a few weeks at this point, and clearly feeling well enough to go out to a party or two and meet people again, Alonso felt it would be well-received to throw a surprise birthday party in his honor.]

[It took some work, especially since the Art Museum was built in the time Turlough was away and they were a bit reluctant to open it to a gathering of people with the night-creatures still around, but Alonso had been successful in getting both the building and a generator for the evening. So on the evening of the twelfth of September, there was a sole building other than the hospital lit up in town.]

[Alonso had sent out an open invitation, although if the Master showed up Alonso hoped that he would be on his best behavior around Turlough. Inside the main atrium food tables were set up with all kinds of dishes, some from Trion, others Sto, and more than a few from Earth that residents of the Nexus had become fond of during their time. Nearly everything one could imagine was represented upon the food tables.]

[The museum was open for anyone who wanted to explore it during the party, and it showcased a wide variety of art from the traditional to the outright odd light displays.]

[However Alonso's favorite room was all the way in the back, set inside a room that consisted of three glass walls and a glass roof. The room was filled with an abundance of light posts set in narrow rows and covering the entire floor with just enough space to walk between them if you were careful.]

[So come in, drop your gifts on the table in the atrium, grab some champagne, and celebrate!]

It's the Fourth of July!!

[Yes, it is. Shh, just come. Have some watermelon. Oh, also, keeping with the PLOT, blackout is still in effect and maybe Murdock's theory with the creatures is correct. Or they only come out at night.]

Murdock has been working mighty hard on this July 4th party. His plans got a little skewed by the blackout and strange creatures attacking. But he's not worried about those weird little fiends since he's got it in his weird little mind that they don't like fire. Thus, the tiki torches surrounding the area, half in the park, half in the street. Also for atmosphere. Two birds, one stone.

He hasn't slept much in the past few days, setting up his hand crafting decorations he's been working on since the beginning of June, setting out drinks and all the amazing, and amazingly safe, food he's been cooking up since late last night. The hospital has a generator, thank goodness.

Murdock will be grilling plenty of more food to order and letting anyone help themselves to his fine selection of themed sodas and lemonade, white (well, blue) chocolate covered strawberries and all-day lollipops. And don't get too worried if there's a gigantic flame every once and a while. That's just Murdock's special flash cooked steaks. And no, you don't smell gunpowder. Don't be silly.

There's tables set out for eating and games set up for playing, like horse shoes and a watermelon seed spitting contest. Murdock also has gotten word from Snow White that there's a new guy in town named Steve Rogers. So, just in case this Steve is who Murdock thinks he is...

But this cake is sitting on a table near Murdock and he'd watching it like a hawk. If you try to snag a piece, he will bark at you, maybe literally, "It's not your birthday, it's not your cake!"

New Arrival

The streets are dark, and empty, but they're not quiet. The noises echo too much for Sarah Jane to make them out - they sound distinctly nonhuman, but what sort of alien they might be, she can't tell.

"Street lights," she mutters, "so this is a place that should have power, somewhere." Perhaps one of the larger buildings has a generator? She continues down the street, ears perked, eyes watchful. If this place was truly abandoned, it was very recently so.

Why so serious?

Aphrodite appeared in the middle of Sam's Place and watched everyone hustling around and frowning. She shook her head, smirking, then produced a huge, pink, megaphone.

"Yo, mortals! What's the prob with you guys? I mean, come on. I know it's dark and you've been attacked by acid spitting kitties. ... So, yeah, that's a bit of a bummer," she conceded, nodding slowly, then shook her head and grinned. "Still, that's no reason to be all down in the dumps and all! You guys need to kick back and have some fun and your favorite love goddess is here to help."

Dite released a huge wave of her magic and Sam's Place was immediately flooded with music and bright, colored lights. A small area was set aside for the sick, though the blankets and pillows were all white satin. Buffet tables overloaded with food and drink appeared against one wall. The food ranged from finger foods and sandwiches to an entire roasted boar. Dite looked around her, giggling.

"Party down, guys!"

Plot: The Safehouse

The arrangements had been made in advance, of course. Ostensibly, his club was closed for 'renovations', and he remarked caustically on the the high order of probability that the renovations would become real the moment something went wrong. But Sam's Club was technically open to the people investigating the strange creatures.

There was an upper level, over the bar. There were rooms, and extra cots. Blankets, canned goods, facilities - anything that would be needed by people who needed to stay out of sight. Usually the rooms were used by those a bit too drunk to be shoved out into the cold, but they would certainly suit someone's purpose.

Sam, for his part, had been tempted to offer some weapons, but he didn't know all these people, and if he passed out shotguns, he wanted to be damn sure none would get accidentally aimed in his direction. And he was also, for simple reasons of business, putting the best bottles of alcohol under lock and key.


Attention please</big>

There is a very important post going up at the ooc comm that is vital everyone read.

Here, please

Who You Gonna Call? (OTA)

Steve helped his companion up out of the gutter with a strong grip, much stronger than what he'd had only hours before. "Sorry," he mumbled, hoping that he hadn't broken the other guy.

"We should probably keep moving," Steve murmured, keeping an eye out for any more of those weird bat..cat..things. "Find some cover or something. I'm Steve, by the way." It occurred to him that in the panic, his manners had been forgotten. Probably not a bad thing, considering the events.

In the distance, a gentle chattering could be heard, the breeze helping its travel through the night air. It didn't feel like a good kind of chatter, more the kind from somethings in the dark, or the things which hid under your bed to go bump in the night.

Steve tensed, expecting anything to happen, and moved to find cover.